Ubaldo Gonzalez

ubaldo.jpgUbaldo González de Frutos

Ubaldo with Dean José Marie
Griffiths at the Knowledge
Trust Honors program in
Washington D.C. in Fall 2006

Ubaldo González works at the Embassy of Spain to the United States. In his capacity, he has done his best to foster the relationship between the Knowledge Trust and the Kingdom of Spain, promoting meetings like the one held in Granada in the spring of 2006.

Born in Segovia, Spain in 1964, he earned a B.A. in Philology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1987 and a Law degree from Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) in 1997. Currently, he is studying for his Ph.D. in economics and writing a dissertation about the possibility of developing standards of accounting for human capital in business.

An expert in international taxation, Mr. González has devoted his career to the Spanish Ministry of Finance. In 1990, he joined the Government’s Financial Auditing Division (Cuerpo Superior de Inspectores de Finanzas del Estado) where he has served in different positions for more than fifteen years, among those, Director of the Executive Division of the National Office for Tax Management. Since October 2003, he has served as the Financial Counselor of the Embassy of Spain in Washington D.C.

During the transition to the European common currency, Mr. González was a member of the Interagency Legislative Committees, which wrote the legislation regulating transition to the Euro. He has participated in many seminars regarding the Euro, tax administration, and international taxation, and publishes articles on these subjects. He is married and has two daughters.