Nominations for the Knowledge Trust Honors program are submitted by Louis Round Wilson Academy members only. The categories of the awards and their criteria are:

  • Education
    The Education Award recognizes those who further the intelligence, integrity, responsibility and reliability of successive generations of knowledge professionals, creators and users.
  • Exploration
    The Exploration Award recognizes creators or compilers of new knowledge, tools and services.
  • Innovation
    The Innovation Award recognizes those who further the creative and innovative use of, and balanced access to, the world’s recorded knowledge.
  • Next Generation Leadership
    The Next Generation Leadership Award recognizes young people whose study, innovation and independent thought shed new light on the world’s recorded knowledge.
  • Preservation
    The Preservation Award recognizes those who archive, prioritize, defend and protect the Knowledge Trust.
  • The Wilson Prize for Lifetime Achievement
    The Louis Round Wilson Prize recognizes a lifetime of knowledge exploration, compilation and stewardship in service to society.

A new category of “Access” was added to the awards by the judges.

All nominations for the 2006 awards program have been received and judged. Check here for award winners.