Special thanks to the University of Granada, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and the Spanish Embassy in Washington D.C. who graciously hosted and sponsored the Louis Round Wilson Academy meeting in Granada, Spain. 

The Academy was welcomed to Spain and the city of Granada by University of Granada representatives Rector D. David Aguilar Peña; Manuel Diaz Carrillo, vice rector for international and institutional relations; Dr. Antonio Sanchez Pozo, vice rector and commissioner for the European higher education area; Josefina Vilchez Pardo, dean of the faculty of information and library science; and Antonio Marin Ruiz, director of communications.

Representatives of the Spanish government who hosted and sponsored the meeting were Carlos Westendorp, ambassador to the United States;
Miguel Martinez, senior representative of the ministry of education and science; and Ubaldo Gonzalez of Washington, D.C., senior representative of the
Spanish Ministry of Finance.