James Bailey

Author and Independent Scholar

James Bailey, independent scholar, is widely recognized as an authority on the impact of computing on culture. A graduate of Brown University, Bailey earliest experience with computers were with Bolt Beranek and Newman in Boston where he worked on the PDP-1 and the world’s first commercial timesharing system. He joined Digital Equipment Corporation in 1968 where he applied both his right and left-brained talents for 15 years to help colleges, universities and high schools integrate computing into their curriculum.

Bailey then joined Thinking Machines Corporation, where a 64,000 processor parallel supercomputer and a wide range of evolutionary computing algorithms were developed, as director of marketing to help establish the commercial side of the breakthrough company.

He is the author of After Thought, his first book that explains the intersection between mathematics and biology. In addition to his many speaking engagements, he is currently hard at work on his second book, Thinking Outside the Book.