Kenneth Hamma

Assistant Director for Collections Information, J. Paul Getty Museum and Senior Advisor for Information Policy, J. Paul Getty Trust

Kenneth Hamma is Assistant Director for Collections Information at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and Senior Advisor for Information Policy for the J. Paul Getty Trust.

As Senior Advisor he oversees the management of the Getty Trust Web site as well as strategic planning and funding for information management across all Getty programs in art collecting, conservation and research as well as philanthropy.

As Assistant Director in the Museum he oversees the creation, maintenance and use of digital resources in the Museum’s public and scholarly activities. This includes oversight of the departments of Information and Media Systems, Photo Services, Digital Media, Interactive Programs and Information Planning.

From 1987 until 1996 he was Associate Curator of Antiquities for the Getty Museum. Prior to that, he was Associate Professor of Greek and Roman archaeology at the University of Southern California and Associate Director of the Princeton Archaeological Expedition to Marion, Cyprus. He has published on Greek and Roman art, on classical theater production, and on resource discovery for cultural heritage online. He holds advanced degrees from Stanford and Princeton.