Donald W. King

Research Professor, University of Pittsburgh and Visiting Scholar, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Donald W. KingMr. King, a statistician, has devoted 45 years to describing and evaluating communication and information systems and services. During this time he co-founded Westat, Inc. (1961) and served as president of Westat Surveys, HTI (a marketing research firm) and King Research. Over the past 20 years his research has emphasized communication patterns of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals, as well as economic aspects of electronic journal publishing. In particular, he developed economic cost models of journal publishing and of academic print and electronic journal collections, both of which resulted in publications that have been frequently cited. He now serves as co-principal investigator on four large studies: National Study of Users and Potential Users of Online Information (6,000 household telephone interviews); A National Research Study on the Future of Librarians in the Workforce (survey of all public and academic libraries and 6,000 school and special libraries and other data sources); Maximizing Library Investments in Digital Collections Through Better Data Gathering and Analysis (surveys of six university faculty and students, and analysis of deep transaction log data and analysis of server data); and Taxpayer Return-on-Investment in Public Libraries (1,000 household telephone interviews, 4,000 in-library surveys, and the REMI economic input-output model).

He has published extensively by authoring or editing 16 books (3 award-winning); over 150 articles, reviews, chapters in books, etc.; and over 200 formal technical reports. At one time it was reported that he was one of the ten most cited authors in the field of information science. He has presented invited papers throughout the world, particularly dealing with communicative patterns and economics of electronic publishing and libraries.

In recognition of his research contributions he was named Pioneer of Science Information, Chemical Heritage Foundation; Fellow; American Statistical Association; Award of Merit and Annual Research Award, American Society for Information Science and Technology; Honorary Fellow and Miles Conrad Award and Annual Lecturer, National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services; among many other awards and honors.