Paula Le Dieu

Managing Director, Magic Lantern Productions

A long time wannabe geek and an old luvvy, Paula now finds herself MD of Magic Lantern and perfectly at home. She has been working in New Media since the time when it was actually new. Starting in newspapers with Fairfax in Australia and then crossing the oceans to join the BBC, Paula has long been involved in big media. More recently she was the Project Director for the Creative Archive project started by the BBC, before heading up iCommons, the international arm of Creative Commons. As well as MD, Paula heads up Magic Lantern’s Open Media division.

As the Director of iCommons, Paula’s role was to ensure that the global creative and innovation domain grew and thrived.

Prior to joining Creative Commons, Paula worked for the BBC in the role of Project Director for the Creative Archive. This is a public service initiative to provide the fuel for digital creativity by opening up access to, and allowing for re-use of Britain’s cultural heritage starting with the BBC’s radio and television archive.