Daniel Morrow

Board of Visitors, SILS, UNC Chapel Hill and Principal, Jamestown Exploration Company

Daniel MorrowA founder of Jamestown Exploration Company, Daniel Morrow leads groundbreaking initiatives that address a nexus of academic, corporate and federal needs. Morrow is well known and highly regarded as both an academic and corporate leader. He is also a founder and Publisher of the Middleburg Eccentric, a monthly newspaper serving 38,000 households in Northern Virginia.

As Executive Director of the Computerworld Honors Program since its inception in 1989, he leads and coordinates activities between the Program’s Academic Council, its Archival Institutions around the world and the 100 Information Technology Leaders who serve on its Chairmen’s Committee. The Honors Program was established to address the needs of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History and those of International Data Group, the world’s leading purveyor of information about information technology. Its 18-year mission is to capture a real-time record of the information technology revolution.

Mr. Morrow’s professional experience includes The Washington Post where he was Manager of Market Research Applications; Whitney Communications Corporation, for which he served as Publisher of a newspaper group; and The Village Companies, where he was Vice President for the Communications Company.

Mr. Morrow’ academic credentials include degrees from the University of Virginia. His postgraduate work was done at the University of North Carolina, and the West German Institute for European History where his studies focused on Black Troops in the Weimar Republic and Post WWI Germany.

He is married and has one son.