Dr. Eva Mendez Rodriguez

Assistant Professor, University Carlos III of Madrid

Dr. Eva Méndez is an Assistant Professor at the University Carlos III of Madrid, where she has been employed as a teacher and researcher since March 1997.

She holds a PhD (cum laude) in Information Science from the same University, awarded in the academic year 2001/2002, which was subsequently awarded a further prize as the outstanding thesis of the year in that field. As well as the book, Metadatos y Recuperación de información: estándares, problemas y aplicabilidad en bibliotecas digitales (Trea, 2002, 432 p.; ISBN: 84-9704-055-4), she has authored or co-authored over 20 academic papers, principally in the areas of metadata, information management and accessibility in Web environments and digital libraries. She has also edited various publications, such as the Journal of Digital Contents.

She has been teaching at more than 50 specialided courses in Spain and Internationally, as well as at three PhD. Programs and five Masters, supervising students’ projects, spent time as a visiting Professor in four Universities, notably as a Professor and further work as an external Consultant in the area of Educational Technology at the UTN (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional) in Argentina. In addition she has consulted on an ad hoc basis in many countries, notably on the development of information policy for the President-elect of the Dominican Republic (August 2004, nominated International Consultant about Cultural Policies, development of libraries and Information Society, of the Dominican Republic Government (September 2005) and on Digital Libraries and Metadata founded by the National Bank of the Republic of Columbia (February 2005).

Dr. Mendez has acted as a member of the scientific committee for international conferences such as the Congreso Internacional de Información INFO (Cuba, 2002 y 2004) and the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (Shanghai, 2004), program committee co-chair in 2005 Conference being the main organizer and responsible of this year’s International Conference. She is a member of various working and research groups such as the Comité 50 of the Agencia Española de Normalización (AENOR), the DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) Advisory Board, and NormaWeb within Sedic, and in these and similar roles has organized various presentations, conferences and courses for information professionals on various aspects of the Web.

She has obtained several grants for research and recently named European Union Research Scholar by Fulbright Commission in Brussels to continue her research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Metadata Research Center, starting in October 2005.